Starting over

Starting over is never easy.  I’ve done it many times though.  Each time is more difficult than the last.  I thought I’d finally overcome all the obstacles in my life that would prevent me from ever losing my momentum.  Boy, was I wrong.

My addictive tendencies are so deeply entrenched in me that it’s only in the last few years that I FINALLY get it.  I’m not in control.  I can change habits and I can manage but to control just isn’t an available option.  It isn’t for you either.  When you start becoming successful you feel the power, the positiveness and the hard work is finally paying off.  If you maintain that long enough you start to believe the bullshit hype and over confidence that goes with that.  In, at least in my case what happens is you start to coast and you ease up on the gas.  And when you let up on the gas it doesn’t take long to come to a grinding halt.

For a long while I worked my friggin’ ass off.  And the results were the proof.  Although, inside I was still feeling negative and felt I all the hard work wasn’t giving me the physical results.  But now that I’ve slipped backwards and put a bunch of weight back on I know I was at a better spot.

So, now I start over.  I’ve tried a couple of start overs in the last few years but didn’t succeed because I didn’t fully commit.  Too much ‘life’ getting in the way.  I just know that if I don’t get this back under a manageable day to day situation (notice I didn’t say control) that I’m going to slip into a place that I’ll likely never come out of.

Yesterday I bought a gym membership.  So getting to the front door will be the next step.

Your First Day starts NOW!

Welcome to Your First Day.  This first post is always the toughest so let me just get to it.  When it comes to staying healthy and losing weight, I have done it all.  I know you’ve heard that a million times before and chances are the reason you stopped by here today is because you’re still looking for ‘THE ANSWER”.  I can literally say that you will find many answers with the stories I share with you.  My stories are ongoing and in some cases, extreme.

I actually only know a handful of people that have achieved what I have.  If you read MY STORY on this webpage you’ll see what I mean.  This week I celebrate 13 years since I started changing my life.  I weighed 620 pounds and over a period of 2 years I lost an INCREDIBLE 380 pounds.  But what’s more incredible to me than the weight loss is that I got to survive and live my life.  I know that I would have died long ago had I not changed my life.  I was 35 and my body was failing.

In the years following the bariatric surgery that saved my life I completely changed EVERYTHING.  I’m not kidding.  I couldn’t walk 20 yards before the surgery, but as I lost weight I gained mobility and nothing was going to stop me.  I went from not being able to climb a flight of stairs, to walking to the corner of the street and back, then around the block and within 6 months I was actually walking everyday and going further and further.

Unfortunately, a side effect of abdominal surgery is the likely hood of getting a hernia.  Which I did.  I ended up getting sick and dropping more weight then I really should have.  Initially Dr. Michael Grace in London Health Sciences Centre (a specialist in weight loss surgeries on extremely morbidly obese patients) told me that because of my extreme size that proceeding with the surgery was a 50/50 chance of survival.  He was confident things would go well but he needed me to know the risk.  At that point, I was a dead man anyways.  He said that if they could get me to drop my weight to 350 that he’d say I was an extreme success.  Well, I actually dropped to 212 pounds.  Mainly, because of the bad sickness after a surgery to repair a hernia.  When you don’t eat for six weeks and your body is septic, you tend to lose weight!!

The things I had heard about when somebody loses so much weight like I did is that there are many other changes that go with it.  They are psychological, emotional, and certainly physical.  In my case relationships changed, friends changed, habits changed and lifestyle completely changed.  But here’s the thing; you have to stick with ALL the changes for ultimate health.  Over the last few years I’ve slowed down on my physical fitness and careful eating and as a result some of the weight crept back on.  Now, I’m still under the weight that the doctor considered an optimal goal for ME, but I haven’t been as dedicated to the lifestyle as I should have been.  There are many reasons for that but at the end of the day it’s all just an excuse.  Enter YOUR FIRST DAY!

YOUR FIRST DAY is about the energy that you feel on the very first day that you’ve achieved something.  Remember what it feels like to feel PUMPED….to feel ENERGY….to feel like YOU CAN DO ANYTHING?  What’s stopping you??  LET’S DO THIS!

620 LBS - 2003When I started my journey 13 years ago I began doing motivational speaking (which I still do) about my story and how so much of what I’ve learned relates to so many areas of life in general.  Yes, that includes your life.  The insurmountable obstacles that you feel you can’t achieve, the relationship issues, relationships, work/life goals, the self worth things that rack your brain and all of the eating/food issues that you and I battle with.  YOUR FIRST DAY is not only about weight loss, it is about being healthy on every level.  That means attitude, emotions, work/life balance, eating,  drinking and so much more we all deal with.

I encourage you to visit here often and read the blogs and sign up for the emails.  I’ve been writing many things over the years and have much to share and my only hope is that it inspires you in many ways to just be happy and healthy.  And I promise to be honest about everything.

Speaking of honesty, I am not currently happy with the way I’ve been eating and not exercising so I’m going to get off my ass and do something about it.  I want to let about 60 pounds find their way to oblivion.  BE GONE!  So TODAY IS MY FIRST DAY to get things back on track.  Will you join me?

Make today YOUR FIRST DAY !